Technician Screening & Criteria For Eligibility​

Everyone who works with 2CLICKS is screened before their first visit. We also rerun these screenings every year and uses technology to look for issues in between. It’s part of our commitment to helping keep you safe when you request a technician with 2CLICKS

Technicians are background checked before enrolment

Prospective technicians must undergo a multi-step safety screen that checks for issues including, but not limited to, criminal record and technical qualification

Technicians must pass an annual check to continue accessing the app

2CLICKS proactively reruns criminal history checks every year to ensure that technicians continue to meet our standards.

Assuming someone else’s identity is prohibited

Technicians are periodically asked to take a photograph of themselves, which we match against their on-file identification to help make sure the right technician is behind the keyboard

Your feedback helps create a safe and respectful community

A high rating recognizes people’s efforts, while a low rating can provide helpful feedback. And repeated low ratings can result in deactivation.